Washington Teen Dies While Texting and Driving

One of the trappings of modern technology is that it has made many of us impatient. How else can you explain texting while we drive? It wasn’t too long ago that we would be perfectly content waiting until we got home to speak to someone. Now we seem to be constantly multitasking… with deadly consequences.
Last Friday, a 22-year-old woman was killed in a head on collision in Olympia, Washington while she was texting. According to the Washington State Patrol, the woman was driving on State Route 12 when her 2005 Mazda 3 crossed the centerline and hit a Freightliner box truck head on.
Police came to the conclusion that the driver was texting after they found an open cell phone on the floorboard of her vehicle. Troopers determined that she was texting just before she crossed over the centerline on a straightaway and hit the truck head on.
Almost unbelievably, the man driving the box truck was not injured. The Department of Ecology was brought to the scene of the accident, since the truck was hauling drums of iodine and bleach used for sterilization in dairy operations.
We’re near the first anniversary of another young woman’s death caused by texting and driving. Heather Lerch had just bought her Chevrolet Cobalt a month earlier on her 19th birthday. But on her way home from work near Tumwater, Washington she crashed through a guardrail while texting on her cell phone.
Heather’s mom has made it her mission to prevent future cell phone-related auto deaths by taking the mangled wreck of her late daughter’s car around to area schools.
"I was angry that she was texting and driving, and I see so many people doing it," said Heather’s mother, Wendy Lerch. "I want to get her car out there and say, ‘This could happen to you.’ "